The Glory Days

About this Brand:

JNGL Nation found its humble beginning back in 2013 from a family owned, chain of vape shops in Minnesota known as Smokin’ Monkey. The dream was to take their fully registered (pre-August 8th, 2016) flavors and bring them to the global market. As of December 2018, three of those 42 house flavors were relaunched as The Glory Days. 

Mixing the old with the new, The Glory Days blends responsible, retro-inspired branding with new age blends of fruit and a classic salt water taffy flavor. Every inhale and exhale makes you want say, “BRING BACK THOSE GLORY DAYS”. 

{The Glory Days is registered as a 60ml and as a 2 pack. The bottles have their own barcode and the 2 pack boxes have their own barcode. Although they are sold wholesale as a 2 pack only, shop owners are legally allowed to sell the bottles individually.}  

MOQ & Minimum Retail Pricing:  

  • 2x60ml Bottles - $29.99
  • MOQ 3 Bottles

All orders come with flavor menu cards and pop up menu cards. Additional quantities earn Shirts!

  • 50 units - 1 shirt
  • 100 units - 2 shirt
  • 200 units - 3 shirts
  • 300 units - 4 shirts
  • 500+ units - 5 shirts