Sugar Lane by Vango Vapes

About this Brand:

Started in 2014, VanGo Vapes specializes in creating unique and intriguing flavours to enhance the experience of experiencing flavours through vaping - or as we call it, Flaving.  

Sweet, sour and everything else you want in a candy! Satisfy your sweet tooth with the VanGo Sugar Lane collection. 

Look for VanGo Vapes' other lines like Frozen, Legendary One-Offs, Coffee Shop, International Delights, Bakery, TobaccoLand - Cigars, TobaccoLand - Pipes and Quenchers. And as always, all flavours are available in Nic Salts (Benzoic Acid Free) and Freebase. 

MOQ & Minimum Retail Pricing:  

  • 30ml SALTS - $19.99
  • 60ml Bottles - $19.99
  • 120ml Bottles - $29.99
  • MOQ 15 Bottles (from all Vango Vapes Lines)