About this Brand:

STIG - Ultra Portable and Disposable Vape Device The future of vaping is here as we introduce a cutting edge disposable, all in one, pod device we call the STIG! It is small, extremely easy to use straight out of the box and can be utilized discreetly by all types of vapers! You don’t have to worry about pressing any buttons, priming, charging or refilling. The STIG is ready to go when you are! 4 Amazing VGOD Saltnic flavors: Cubano, Lushice, Tropical Mango, and Mighty Mint. 1.2ML Saltnic liquid per STIG 6.0% Nicotine by Volume 20 Cigarettes Approximately 3 STIG in a pack 

MOQ & Minimum Retail Pricing:  

  • STIG Pack (3 Pack) - $19.95
  • No MOQ