Creative Juices Premium Elixir

About this Brand:

Creative Juices Premium Elixir, founded in Lincoln, Nebraska has created an even more enjoyable experience by redefining the true essence of functionality through enhancing color, in the form of illumination.

Not only do all Creative Juices V-Bar Bottles Glow-in-the-Dark, but we also have a CLUB-120ml with integrated LED that emits light in the form of color, of your choice.

Express yourself with our Green, Orange, White, Blue, Purple or Aqua illuminated-bottles. Our Elixir profiles are sure to brighten your day and "Light-N-Up" your nightlife, making it a truly memorable experience. 

All our Creative Juices Premium Elixir bottles have a light activated sticker on the bottom which can be stimulated by a cell phone light.

MOQ & Minimum Retail Pricing:  

  • 15ml Bottles - $10.95
  • 30ml Bottles - $16.00
  • 60ml Bottles - $22.00
  • 120ml Bottles - $30.00
  • CLUB120ml Bottles - $32.00
  • No MOQ