Coffee Shop by Vango Vapes

About this Brand:

Started in 2014, VanGo Vapes specializes in creating unique and intriguing flavours to enhance the experience of experiencing flavours through vaping - or as we call it, Flaving.  

When you are looking for a coffee vape you have to make sure the flavour isn't too overwhelming and is a balance of sweetness, creaminess, and most importantly the coffee flavour. Any imbalance will cause the flavour to taste either burnt or artificial. With VanGo Vapes' specialty in flavour development, we know you and your customers will be more than satisfied by the perfect balance and keep coming back for more.

Look for VanGo Vapes' other lines like Frozen, Legendary One-Offs, Bakery, International Delights, Sugar Lane, TobaccoLand - Cigars, TobaccoLand - Pipes and Quenchers. And as always, all flavours are available in Nic Salts (Benzoic Acid Free) and Freebase. 

MOQ & Minimum Retail Pricing:  

  • 30ml SALTS - $19.99
  • 60ml Bottles - $19.99
  • 120ml Bottles - $29.99
  • MOQ 15 Bottles (from all Vango Vapes Lines)